Restorative Dentistry

Restorative Dentistry in Rochelle Park

At Dr. Alan Rubin Family Dentistry, we provide restorative care for patients experiencing one or more issues with their smile. The dental services we offer can range from root canal therapy to reconstruction of the entire smile. Our Rochelle Park dental team attentively listens to your expectations and designs your treatment plan based on your goals and current oral health.

Dr. Alan Rubin offers comprehensive dental care and ensures patients comfort every step of the way. Schedule your consultation today!

Restore Your Smile in Rochelle Park

Our dentist uses his years of experience when caring for patients, helping them achieve a beautiful, healthy smile. Before recommending services, our dentist performs a thorough examination of your teeth and their supporting structures. This gives him a better idea of what treatments best address your issues. We offer the following treatments:

  • Crowns, bridges, and dentures
  • Root canal therapy
  • Dental implant restoration
  • Gum disease therapy
  • Oral Surgery

Each service effectively protects or replaces the anatomical soft and hard tissues of the mouth to provide a healthy, beautiful, and fully functional smile.

For teeth that have become infected, root canal therapy is performed to remove compromised tissue from the tooth’s internal structure. Crowns are used to replace a single lost tooth while bridges and dentures can restore multiple missing teeth.  Dental implants are adaptable to crowns and dentures. They are a comprehensive tooth replacement option as they not only help patients achieve a complete smile, but they maintain healthy jawbone density as well.

Extractions and restorations are only a final option, Dr. Rubin works hard to preserve as much of the natural tooth as possible.

Creating Beautiful Smiles at Dr. Alan Rubin Family Dentistry

When you have your initial consultation with our Rochelle Park dentist, he works with you to create a treatment plan to address each and every oral concern that you may have. No matter if you need a root canal or a more extensive service such as dental implants, Dr. Rubin administers quality care to help your smile last a lifetime.

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Whether you need to address oral concerns centered on a single tooth or your entire smile, our family dentistry in Rochelle Park provides various restorative care services to renew your appearance. With his vast knowledge and experience, Dr. Alan Rubin can improve your confidence, aesthetic, and bite function. Call our practice today!

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